Evelina Centerpiece


With imperial gold plated accents, delicate lines and striking modular shapes, Evelina Centerpiece Set is truly eye-catching.

SKU: 19222037
A versatile centerpiece with a soft curving line, which adds interest and style to a table when entertaining. The four-candle Evelina is customizable, and can be configured into two different modular shapes at various heights, depending on the shape of your table. The polished gold finish reflects the flickering light, emitting a warm, inviting glow.

Candles are not included.


Brass brackets, gold-plated holder


Set of 4:
Maximum length: 44.5"
Maximum height: 6.6"
The set includes: 2 short candleholders; 2 medium candleholders; 1 tall candleholder; 4 assembly brackets

Set of 8:
Maximum length: 21.0"
Maximum height: 6.5"
The set includes: 2 short candleholders; 3 medium candleholders; 3 tall candleholder; 8 assembly brackets

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