Harriet Fan Vase


Dazzle up a dull space with bright blooms in this meticulously handcrafted footed vase.

SKU: B491H-C
Meticulous decorative details ruffle the edges of this footed vase that is a shining example of handcrafted glassblowing artistry. A shallow vessel allows this unique vase to fit easily upon a shelf or mantle - and "fans" out blooms for a dazzling array of botanical beauty.


Bohemian Glass


S: Height 6 in x Width 2 in x Length 6.75 in
M: Height 8.5 in x Width 2 in x Length 9 in
L: Height 13.5 in x Width 2 in x Length 10 in

Care Instructions:

Dishwasher safe, warm gentle cycle. Hand washing is recommended for large or highly decorated pieces. Not suitable for hot contents, freezer or microwave use.

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