Optic Tumbler


Indulge in the refined design of the Optic tumbler, featuring varying thickness and captivating colors for a beautiful tablescape.

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SKU: 28761
The refined design of this Old Fashioned glass for whisky or water from the Optic collection will entice you to play with the light reflections and colour changes. Maybe they’ll be even more interesting than the drink itself! The varying thickness of the glass sides, which are thicker near the massive bottom and gradually grow thinner towards the edge, makes a great opportunity for that. A quality whisky or bourbon will really shine in the glass made of this clear Czech crystal, while the coloured versions in shades of beryl, eldor, rosalin, alexandrite, aquamarine or topaz will tastefully set off clear water or lemonade. If you want, Moser glassmakers will even create whisky glasses in complementary colour shade.


Lead-free crystal


Height 3.86 in x Width 2.72 in


12.17 oz

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