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DAUM - Parci Parla Home
DAUM - Parci Parla Home

Daum is the glassmaker master from Nancy since 1878. The French Maison is the only manufacturer in the world that is specialised in creating decorative objects made of Pâte de Cristal.

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    About DAUM

    Inspired by its Art Nouveau heritage, DAUM has created timeless masterpieces that meander around themes of life, nature and spirituality, and bring them to life through vibrant crystal creations. Each sculpture is made by hand and carries a unique finish, meaning no two pieces are the same. An intricate and detailed process is adopted for every product DAUM creates, giving birth to wondrous works of art that feature absorbing color blends and fine, ornate details.

    Few brands in the world have worked with as many revered artists as DAUM, including Salvador Dali, Arman and Hilton McConnico. With a unique collection unlike any other, our sculptures have withstood the tests of time and evoke a magical rendezvous of artistic creation and simple elegance.

    Shop DAUM at Parci Parla

    Browse DAUM’s distinctive collection of sculptures at Parci Parla. Handcrafted by the finest masters and bearing the DAUM signature, each piece shimmers in the light to create an enchanting sense of wonder and unequivocal beauty.

    Shipping Policy

    Parci Parla prides itself on providing fast, efficient, and hassle-free shipping. Upon purchasing any piece from our expansive DAUM line, you can expect your order to arrive at your specified destination within 7-10 business days*. Parci Parla also offers free shipping for all US-based orders over $150.