Punch Bowl


Spice up a festivity with this antique-styled punch bowl from MATCH PEWTER boasting a unique leaf motif on the rim.

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SKU: A799.5
Our handsome punch bowl, with its three-gallon volume, reliably becomes the life of any party. We’re finding our friends are now adding this festive libation to their entertaining must-haves year-round, often creating one recipe for those who enjoy an alcoholic beverage, and another for teetotalers. We suggest enhancing the serving of your punch with our antique ladle. This punch bowl features a leaf-motif around the upper and lower rims that was originally … hand-punched.

Each bowl is stamped with hallmarks representing our workshop, our company, the tin content of our alloy and the region of Italy where our pieces are made. It can also be personalized with your choice of a monogram, message or memorable date.


Height 7.9 in x Dia. 14.4 in


3 Gallons

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