Orchid Vase


As beautiful and delicate as the flower itself, the Orchid Vase boasts warm and pleasing shades that add a unique touch to your home décor.

SKU: 7040856
Designed by Göran Wärff. With warm shades of amber and purple, Göran Wärff creates another classic yet unique collection for Kosta Boda.


S: Height 11.38 in x Width 5.13 in
L: Height 14.5 in x Width 5.88 in

Care Instructions:

Clean vases and decanters by filling them half-full with moderately hot water, a small amount of mild detergent, two tablespoons of white vinegar or ammonia and a cup uncooked rice. Swirl the rice around for a few minutes to remove residue. Rinse well with moderately hot water and air dry, upside down, on a rack.

Remove more stubborn stains by filling the container with warm water and dropping in a denture-cleaning tablet; let it sit until the stain disappears.

We do not recommend cleaning crystal in a dishwasher since the heat and abrasive cleaners may mark the surface of the crystal.

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