Arum Dark Blue Perfume Bottle


In a dreamy silhouette with an elegant crystal bodice, the Arum Dark Blue Perfume Bottle plays with the senses with its captivating beauty.

SKU: 05680
Subtle and elegant, the Arum collection imposes its style in the new floral collection of the Maison Daum. A Mediterranean flower in the family of Araceae, the crystal manufacturer creates a magical species where the material blends with the curves of the flowers. In the form of vases, bowls, decorative flowers or perfume bottles, Arum invites us to appreciate floral art, a world where colours, scents and nature come together to create a paradise. A poetry that is written one season a year is the reason why Daum desires to make it eternal. In this collection, the crystal plays with shades of blue, with the flowing forms of the generous corollas and the miniature flowers of the perfume bottles.


Height 4.72 in x Width 3.35 in x Length 3.35 in

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