Convivio Canister


The fine looking Convivio canisters come in two sizes and are ideal for storing dry pantry goods while being easy on the eyes.

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SKU: 1518.0
Convivio: the name of MATCH Pewter’s signature collection was inspired by the word “convivial", meaning good humored, festive, or fond of feasting. While we chose the name for our first (and still best selling) pattern, we believe that same spirit of conviviality lives in all three MATCH dinnerware collections: Convivio, Viviana and Luisa. These elegant siblings easily mix with each other, as well the many accessories we offer, including handsome chargers, side plates, and serving platters.


S: Height 8.5 in x Dia. 5.8 in
M: Height 10 in x Dia. 5.8 in

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