Haas Mojave Palm Candle


With breathtaking sculptural details and aroma of the Mojave palm, the Haas Mojave Palm Candle brings you a little piece of heaven right at home.

SKU: C101
Mojave Palm fragrance with dry, woodsy notes native to the desert. The relief pattern on the transulcent porcelain vessel produces an enchanting effect- as the wax burns, light radiates through, transforming the sculpted scene into a glowing desert.

Fragrance: Mojave Palm, Papyrus, immortelle, bay laurel, coriander, green notes Juniper, cypress, cinnamon, Atlas cedar Guaiac wood, patchouli, fir balsam, frankincense, cistus, cade Parrafin wax with single wicks

Burn Time: 80-90 hours


Porcelain, 24k Gold


Height 4.25 in x Dia. 3.5 in

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