Kelly Behun Lazy Susan


Flaunting artistic geometrical patterns with a beautiful walnut and birch wood body, the Kelly Behun Lazy Susan adds class to your table setting.

SKU: KB008
Designed with brilliant rule-breaking designer Kelly Behun, decorative objects are re-imagined within the L’OBJET world of fine craftsmanship and luxurious materials. Lazy Susan turntable inlaid with geometric patterns in walnut and birch wood and outfitted with a metal turntable mechanism.


Small: Inlaid walnut and birch wood with metal turntable mechanism
Large: Inlaid walnut robles, acacia and birch with metal turntable mechanism


Small: Height 1.25 in x Dia. 18 in
Large: Height 1.25 in x Dia. 24 in

Care Instructions:

All L’OBJET collections are made with exceptional materials, and with proper use and care, will last for generations. When needed, L’Objet wood pieces may be handwashed with cool water with a non-abrasive soap using a soft sponge. Always dry immediately with a soft cloth. To preserve the beauty and finish of the wood, periodically recondition with vegetable or food-safe mineral oil using a soft cloth. Remove oil from metal parts, allow the oil to stand on the wood for 1 hour, then remove any excess oil with a paper towel or soft cloth. Never put wood pieces in the dishwasher, soak in water, expose to direct sunlight, or high temperatures as this will cause the piece to warp and crack. Wood pieces are not oven or microwave safe. Avoid using sharp or serrated knives as they may scratch the finish.

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