Pebbles Shot Glass 2 Oz. Set of 6 - Rainbow Colors


Add something new to your glassware with this set of 6 colorful Pebbles Shot Glasses by Moser. Made of fine crystal, each glass features pebble engraving.

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SKU: PBL---91400-2-RBWAQM
Using the Whisky pattern shape as a starting point, Moser’s Master Engravers have come up with a whimsical pattern called "Pebbles". Evocative of both small stones and little chunks of ice, Pebbles has become one of the most popular Moser barware patterns.

Each product requires hours of handcrafted processing by experienced and skillful glassmakers. The handcrafted character of the work has been maintained at the Moser glassworks till today. The secrets of manual handicraft for decorating the products have been traditionally handed down by old generation of craftsmen to younger ones.


Lead-free crystal


2.6" H


2 oz

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