Stripey Bee Cocktail Shaker Set


Indulge in the ultimate cocktail experience with Stripey Bee Cocktail Shaker Set, designed for cocktail enthusiasts and those who love a touch of sparkle.

For anyone who loves a cocktail, for anyone who likes to play bartender, for anyone who loves sparkle as much as we do, this Stripey bee complete bar accessory set will win gifting this year! This has been two years in the works getting it all just PERFECT and now we have it ready for your gift lists! It comes beautifully boxed and sits perfectly with our other Stripey Bee cocktail accessories. Go wild and gift the whole collection!


Stainless steel


Shaker: Height 9 in x Width 3 in

Spoon: Height 11 in x Width 1 in

Strainer: Height 8 in x Width 3 in

Jigger: Height 3.5 in x Width 1.5 in

Care Instructions:

Hand wash, do not submerge in water

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