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Home Ideas

Home Ideas

10 Decorative Centerpiece to Decorate Your Home

Every home needs an uplifting accent, a centerpiece that dictates the house’s overall ambiance and style aesthetics. Decorative centerpieces showcase your personality uniquely and subtly while also being wholly functional and multipurpose. Use them for potpourri, candies, nuts, or everyday essentials without compromising the layout and looks of your home decor.

Here are some wonderful centerpieces that will look exceptional on your table or mantel.

3. CHRISTOFLE Beebee Silver-Plated Brahms Music Box

The adorable Brahms Music Box is a lovely decorative centerpiece to keep in your baby’s room. The beautiful box is embellished with a silver-plated bee peacefully perched on top to add a whimsical effect to its overall look. Send off your baby to the finest sleep with its lullaby and comforting presence.

CHRISTOFLE Beebee Silver-Plated Brahms Music Box
Beebee Silver-Plated Brahms Music Box


4. AERIN Dahlia Porcelain Flower

Opening up its petals like a fantastical blooming flower, the Dahlia porcelain flower is a handcrafted masterpiece to add beauty to your house. The decorative centerpiece blossoms up in dainty shades and has a delicacy and sophistication that’s unmatched in its class.

AERIN Dahlia Porcelain Flower
Dahlia Porcelain Flower
$175.00 – $325.00


7. AERIN Mirabelle Cachepot

Bring the organic natural beauty of the careless waves and sea breeze right at home with the beautiful seashell patterns and stunning design of the Mirabelle Cachepot. Flaunting its refreshing look in two lovely shades, it can be paired up with your favorite floral arrangements or just used as a decorative centerpiece.

AERIN Mirabelle Cachepot
Mirabelle Cachepot
$500.00 – $800.00


8. KOSTA BODA Vision Dish Pink Amber

Enthrall your senses with the fluid, ethereal design and a playful splash of colors as reflected in the unique look of the Vision dish. This decorative centerpiece from Kosta Boda will add an artistic charm to your home decor with tis visionary design and skillful craftsmanship.

KOSTA BODA Vision Dish Pink Amber
Vision Dish Pink Amber


9. AERIN Evelina Centerpiece Set Of 8

Boasting sleek modular shapes, a luxuriously indulgent design, and an imperial, vintage look, the Evelina Centerpiece from Aerin is genuinely captivating. Enjoy this unique and glowing decorative centerpiece with a timeless, polished gold finish.

AERIN Evelina Centerpiece Set Of 8
Evelina Centerpiece Set Of 8


10. MOSER Heart Sculpture

Artistically show your love with this extraordinary and imaginative Heart sculpture by Moser. The heart sculpture is available in two lovely shades and makes a breathtaking decorative centerpiece with its creative angles and vibrant presence.

MOSER Heart Sculpture
Heart Sculpture