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Home Ideas

Home Ideas

Color of the Year 2022 – Very Peri

Things are looking promising for fashion and lifestyle as the new year approaches us. With changing trends and patterns, 2022 also brings something exciting and bold to the table. The mysterious and endearing Pantone 17-3938 Very Peri is here to revolutionize your style aesthetics as the color of the year 2022. Submerge yourself in its deep yet dainty and sophisticated tone and display your confident and charming personality while transitioning into the new year.

The beautiful color tone is symbolic of the global zeitgeist and looks divine with its dynamic and otherworldly aura. Get your hands at these pristine items encapsulating the best of Very Peri in their artistic craftsmanship.

1. BACCARAT Papillon Lucky Butterfly

Playful and dainty, the Papillon Lucky Butterfly looks majestic in the color of the year 2022 while flaunting meticulous and intricate craftsmanship reflected in its gentle design. The signature Baccarat item can be displayed as a lucky charm and function as a statement piece in your house. The effervescent creature comes to life with divine color tones in a glamorous crystal body.

BACCARAT Papillon Lucky Butterfly
Papillon Lucky Butterfly
$140.00 – $220.00


2. MOSER Purity Bud Vase

Gorgeously complementing your favorite floral arrangements, the Purity Bud Vase is a must have this new year. Its regal and glitzy look is further enhanced with an enchanting silhouette, clean cuts and an ambitious design. Beautified with the color of the year 2022, the vase is a centerpiece that instantly uplifts the aesthetics of your house with its striking presence.

MOSER Purity Bud Vase
Purity Bud Vase
$185.00 – $205.00


3. ALEXANDRA VON FURSTENBERG Acrylic Cocktail Magenta Smoke Tray

Playing with perception and senses, the Acrylic Cocktail Magenta Smoke Tray is truly a piece of art that demands to be displayed. It flaunts a captivating design embellished with the color of the year 2022 and functions as a versatile vessel that can be used for serving or simply as a piece of art to display to your guests.

ALEXANDRA VON FURSTENBERG Acrylic Cocktail Magenta Smoke Tray
Acrylic Cocktail Magenta Smoke Tray
$350.00 – $420.00


4. MOSER Heart Sculpture

Gift giving is a language of love, and what better gift to give than present your loved ones with all of your heart, that too in crystal! The spellbinding Heart Sculpture looks marvelous in Very Peri color of the year 2022 and is a beautiful display piece to have in the house.

MOSER Heart Sculpture
Heart Sculpture