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Home Ideas

Home Ideas

Unique Zodiac Home Decor to Celebrate 2022

Zodiacs say a lot about your personality. Most people take pride in their star sign, and here’s your chance to display your lucky zodiac stylishly and luxuriously. The regal zodiac home decor collection will help you express yourself while also uplifting the interior of your house in a classy way

Whether you are a strong-headed Taurus or a relaxed, easy-going Aquarius, these zodiac home decor items will reflect your essence in the best way.

1. VISTA ALEGRE Golden Round Box Tiger

Unleash the tiger within yourself with this cool and chic round box with the Chinese Zodiac. The lovely zodiac home decor box comes with a regal gold print of a roaring tiger and encapsulates the earthy, raw, and natural elements while also coming in handy. Versatile and multipurpose, the box blends in amazingly well with any layout and reflects creativity and whimsy with its imaginative design and organic tones.

VISTA ALEGRE Golden Round Box Tiger
Golden Round Box Tiger


2. BACCARAT Zodiaque Tiger 2022

With brilliant luminance and a striking presence, the Zodiaque Tiger has intricately crafted design details to mimic the markings of a real tiger. This imperial zodiac home decor truly reflects your inner personality and bravado with its fierce look in enigmatic tones. The skillfully designed silhouette is beautified with fine gold or reflective metallic strips so that you can decorate your house in full swing for the Chinese New Year.

BACCARAT Zodiaque Tiger 2022
Zodiaque Tiger 2022
$240.00 – $350.00


3. VISTA ALEGRE Golden Round Box Rabbit

Embellish your house with one of a kind zodiac home decor by Vista Alegre. In a charming and adorable baby pink color, the round box has a dainty rabbit sketched over it with regal gold accents that will take your breath away. The versatile round box can be used for many purposes and looks chic on any table setting or mantel.

VISTA ALEGRE Golden Round Box Rabbit
Golden Round Box Rabbit


4. VISTA ALEGRE Golden Whisky Decanter with Gold Monkey

Indulge in the finest luxuries this Chinese New Year with the beautiful Whiskey Decanter having an artistic touch of the Chinese zodiac for a contemporary and sleek zodiac home decor. Embossed with a playful and clever gold monkey, the decanter flaunts a handsome silhouette with masculine cuts and neat edges along with a divine crystal body that makes cocktail hours all the more fun.

VISTA ALEGRE Golden Whisky Decanter with Gold Monkey
Golden Whisky Decanter with Gold Monkey