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Home Ideas

Home Ideas

Decorative Pillows & Cushions for Your Room

Are you in the mood to upgrade the look of your living room? Add a dash of color to your bedroom? Or perhaps, you want to bring a cozy vibe to your office to make it more inviting? Then, sofa cushions are the way to go! They are the best way to add a pop of interest to any room.

Spice up your studio, perk up that old couch, and plush up the bed with some lovely sofa cushions – luxurious and stylish! Here are our top picks:

1. JULISKA Iberian Journey Indigo Pillow

Dress up your sofa with Iberian waves of Portugal with Juliska’s Iberian Journey Indigo Pillow. The sofa cushion boasts a Celtic-themed pattern in a vivid cobalt blue shade reminiscent of the traditional well-loved Portuguese tile motif. In addition, each side of the cushion features a different design with dark blue piping on the border. With a couple of Iberian Journey Indigo Pillows, you can create a unique mix and match the look to enhance the overall room décor. The pillows are 22″ in size with polyester covers and cotton inserts with goose down and gray duck feathers.

JULISKA Iberian Journey Indigo Pillow
Iberian Journey Indigo Pillow


2. JULISKA Forest Walk Friendship Pillow

Are you having trouble finding the right sofa topper to create a look that is anchored, classic and sleek and yet stands out? Juliska Forest Walk Friendship Pillow is the sofa cushion you need in your life! The Forest Walk Friendship Pillow has an ivory white background intricately embroidered with vividly colored patterns that takes you on a sweet journey through the woods. It explains the importance of friendship in your life in a unique style and offers a sense of coziness and comfort to the room. The pillow is a perfect décor piece for lounges, bedrooms, nurseries and even offices!

JULISKA Forest Walk Friendship Pillow
Forest Walk Friendship Pillow


3. JULISKA Forest Walk Gratitude Pillow

Boasting embroidered and beaded patterns, the Juliska Forest Walk Gratitude Pillow brightens up the room in an instant. The sofa cushion is akin to a fairy-tale set in a whimsy woodland. With its vibrant and quaint pattern, the pillow beautifully explains the quality of being thankful and how appreciating little things can positively affect our lives. Forest Walk Gratitude Pillow adds a zany vibe to the room with its bright colors and design. Moreover, the sofa cushion from Juliska is a beautiful object to gift to a loved one, thanks to its sentimental message.

JULISKA Forest Walk Gratitude Pillow
Forest Walk Gratitude Pillow


4. JULISKA Berry & Thread Natural Pillow

Artfully upgrade the look of your couch with a fabulous sofa cushion in earthly tones. Boasting soft materials, neutral shades, and designs inspired by sprawling gardens, Juliska Berry & Thread Natural Pillow brings an effortless wave of textured elegance to the room. The design is inspired by Alcazar and Landriana gardens and features unique medallions. The two-tone pillows feature soft linen embellished with velvet appliqué and hand-stitched French details. Plush and cozy, the pillows are filled with deluxe feather down. From bedrooms and lounges to offices and studies, the sofa cushions are a perfect addition to any room.

JULISKA Berry and Thread Natural Pillow
Berry & Thread Natural Pillow
$165.00 – $195.00


5. JULISKA Berry & Thread Chambray Pillow

If you want to go for a more eclectic feel with a luxurious touch, Juliska Berry & Thread Chambray Pillow will be an ideal match! It is available in two different sizes and boasts a unique medallion-like pattern reminiscent of Alcazar and Landriana gardens. Thanks to its Chambray shade, the sofa cushion goes well with neutral setups and gels in perfectly amidst brighter colors. You can use the pillow to create a balanced look that is unique and deluxe. In addition, the pillow boasts soft linen, hand-stitched velvet applique, and hand-stitched French knots.

JULISKA Berry and Thread Chambray Pillow
Berry & Thread Chambray Pillow
$165.00 – $195.00