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Home Ideas

Home Ideas

7 Sweet-Scented Candles to Warm Up Your Home

A scented candle is not just a decorative accent – it is a statement of your style and personality. Some of us love to play with home fragrance while the rest of us prefer to stick to a signature scent. Whatever the case is, it is no secret that candles create a deluxe ambiance with their flickering lights and aromas.

With home fragrance, you can walk through Parisian streets, explore the tropical forests, and thrive in romance. Check out the following scented candles and candleholders designed to beautify your home:

1. L’OBJET Mamounia No.28 Candle

Daydream about melancholic Moroccan adventures with Mamounia home fragrance that will transport you to the blue-walled city and bustling open-air markets. The scent is an exotic mix of sweet roses, tanned leather, tea leaves, and cedar boxes. The candle has a white Limoges porcelain vessel with a gold-toned rim.

L'OBJET Mamounia Number 28 Candle
Mamounia No.28 Candle


2. JULISKA Country Estate Winter Frolic Ruby Scented Candle Set Of 2

This Christmas, transform your home into a winter wonderland with Juliska’s Ruby Scented Candle and fill it with refreshing notes of Woodland Vanilla. The home fragrance has a beautiful case that depicts a ruby-colored snowy adventure and is presented in a luxurious gift box.

JULISKA Country Estate Winter Frolic Ruby Scented Candle Set Of 2
Country Estate Winter Frolic Ruby Scented Candle Set Of 2


3. AERIN Evelina Candleholders Set Of 2

Bring a warm glow to a romantic evening with Aerin’s Evelina Candleholders Set. The set is crafted from brass and is gold-plated. Place your favorite home fragrance and burn them to infuse your sanctuary with enchanting aromas. Use a dry cloth to clean it.

AERIN Evelina Candleholders Set Of 2
Evelina Candleholders Set Of 2


4. L’OBJET Lito Candle

Mystical and symbolic, Lito Candle has the iconic ‘eye’ talisman design with a unisex home fragrance. Illuminate any space with flickering light and allow the warm aroma to spread. The candle is handcrafted in porcelain and features 24-karat gold plating and resin accents.

L'OBJET Lito Candle
Lito Candle
$195.00 – $295.00


5. MATCH PEWTER Convertible Hurricane

Create a rich ambiance to cozy up and wind down after a tiring day with a favorite home fragrance encased in a Convertible Hurricane candelabra. It has a curvy silhouette designed to make your home welcoming and glamorous in an instant. The candelabra is made from glass with a metallic base.

MATCH PEWTER Convertible Hurricane
Convertible Hurricane
$363.00 – $781.00


6. MATCH PEWTER Pillar Candlestick

If you are partial to subtle luxe vibes and the alluring glow of candles, you will love Pillar Candlestick from Match Pewter. The silver-toned candlestick lets you play with your minimalist side without bowing down to austerity. From formal dinners to summertime soiree, the candlestick creates an ideal mood with select home fragrance.

MATCH PEWTER Pillar Candlestick
Pillar Candlestick


7. BACCARAT Rouge 540 Candle

Rouge 540 Candle from Baccarat is like a precious jewel for end tables and shelves. The decorative candle set features 5 tea-lights perfect to create a striking display whether it is for a relaxing bathroom spa time or an intimate get-together with close friends. The home fragrance set is inspired by the designs of Georges Chevalier.

BACCARAT Rouge 540 Candle
Rouge 540 Candle


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