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Home Ideas

Home Ideas

Baccarat: 8 Crystal Glassware to Mesmerize Your Guests

Founded in 1764, Baccarat is a French luxury designer company well-known for producing a range of exquisite crystal glassware. Its headquarters are located in Baccarat, Lorraine in Eastern France, and the company has several boutiques and bar lounges in other countries as well. Baccarat believes in the importance of heritage, history and modernity, and you can catch the glimpses of each aspect in their collection.

Here are a few deluxe crystal products from Baccarat that you will cherish for many years to come:

1. Papillon Lucky Butterfly

With its wings gracefully fanned out, Papillon Lucky Butterfly appears to be moments away from a grand flight. From the kitchen’s window to the steely desk in your workspace, the winged piece has a poised and agile bearing that will work wonderfully anywhere in the house. The delicate butterfly accessory is crafted from crystal and is available in several eye-catching shades such as violet, peony, moss green, ruby red, amber, turquoise and clear iridescent crystal.

BACCARAT Papillon Lucky Butterfly
Papillon Lucky Butterfly
$190.00 – $260.00


2. The Bloom Collection

For the love of fresh blooms and floral abundance – The Bloom Collection from Baccarat enlivens any space with its vivid colors and quaint designs. The decorative piece is available in pretty tones such as amber, peony, mahogany, yellow, red and gold that are geared toward all seasons. The eternal crystal flowers offer a refined touch with a splash of color.

BACCARAT The Bloom Collection
The Bloom Collection
$140.00 – $175.00


3. Louxor Round Vase Tall

Bring Egyptian vibes to your safe haven with Baccarat’s Louxor Round Vase Tall – an ornate piece that blends the vogue factor with traditional structures quite skillfully. The vase features triangular patterns and angles reminiscent of Egyptian pyramids and their rich history. It is available in two alluring colors – a vibrant ruby red and a calming clear crystal.

BACCARAT Louxor Round Vase Tall
Louxor Round Vase Tall
$1100.00 – $1,350.00


4. Harmonie On the Rocks

Elevate the look of your home bar with Harmonie On the Rocks set from Baccarat. Made from crystal, the set comprises of a beautiful ice bucket and four tumblers designed to make your happy hour extra special. Revel in luxury as you enjoy a refreshing drink or two with a group of close friends and spread the joy.

BACCARAT Harmonie On The Rocks
Harmonie On the Rocks


5. Louxor Lamp

Light up the nights with BACCARAT Louxor Lamp and wallow in its timeless elegance. The lamp is crafted from diamond-cut clear crystal, a white fabric lampshade and a glimmering chrome finish steel. The wire is transparent, so you do not have to worry about ruining the entire look. The lamp also includes a light dimmer for your convenience.

BACCARAT Louxor Lamp
Louxor Lamp


6. Crystal Clear Glass by Virgil Abloh

Designed by Virgil Abloh for Baccarat, the crystal glass is a sought-after limited edition piece. The glass is inspired by contemporary accents and vintage details boasting a crystal glass, cover and a straw. The designer has beautifully captured the essence of the company dedicated to crystal and French luxury for more than two centuries.

BACCARAT Crystal Clear Glass By Virgil Abloh
Crystal Clear Glass by Virgil Abloh


7. Château Baccarat Decanter

Minimalist yet chic, Château Baccarat Decanter is a must-have if you have a thing for crystal objects and a sophisticated home bar. The decanter has a unique shape that will strongly remind you of taste-vin used in the olden days by sommeliers. Its shape allows the wine to be perfectly decanter and release aromas. With Château Baccarat Decanter, style up your home bar.

BACCARAT Château Baccarat Decanter
Château Baccarat Decanter


8. Everyday Baccarat Classic Tumbler Set Of 6

Add a luxurious spark to your happy hour with BACCARAT Everyday Classic Tumbler Set Of 6. Each glass boasts a unique and lovely pattern that will surely impress you. From cocktails to fresh juices, enjoy your drink in utmost style. It also makes a wonderful present for a loved one.

BACCARAT Everyday Baccarat Classic Tumbler Set Of 6
Everyday Baccarat Classic Tumbler Set Of 6


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