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Home Ideas

Home Ideas

Create the Most Beautiful Easter Tablescape with These 8 Simple Tips

The arrival of springtime is a joyous affair, for it brings with itself a sense of rejuvenation, a plethora of colors, and of course, Easter. The festive holiday is celebrated with full vigor by kids and adults alike. As the little ones hunt for eggs and treasure, you plan a feast for your loved ones. Here are a few ideas that will help you put together a beautiful and glamorous Easter tablescape.

1. A Pastel Affair

The first step to create an eye-catching Easter tablescape is to choose a color palette and set the tone. As Easter falls in the time of fresh buds and verdant greenery, pastel colors along with the vintage charm and whimsical touches can help you achieve the desired result. Think of pastel-colored pinwheels as the background paired with a table décor of hand-dyed pastel eggs, textured handmade nests, a bunch of tulips, floral heirloom china and quaint teacups.

2. A Soft Glow

Easter-themed lightings are widely available during the season. However, instead of going for bright string lights, channel the soft glow onto your Easter tablescape and set the perfect tone with the help of lanterns, and candles placed in chic candle holders and votive cups.

3. Connect to Nature

Easter is a perfect chance to dose upon nature and while doing so, throw some nature-inspired elements to your Easter tablescape. Start with traditional Easter flowers such as lilies, tulips, daffodils, daisies, or Hyacinths. Arrange the flowers in glass vases or porcelain cups and scatter them all over the table. For the centerpiece, you can go for a sizable nest crafted from rustic twigs and moss. Add a handful of eggs painted in the subtlest of pastels. Porcelain rabbit figurines will also add to the whimsical look. Finally, a rustic wreath on the background will surely complete the ambiance.

4. Dare to be Bold

If you have a strong affection for vibrant shades and the pop-factor, don’t be afraid to utilize it on your Easter tablescape. Sticking to specific items and trinkets such as brightly-hued napkins, egg cups, blooms, and even frosted cupcakes can add to the charm without you having to go overboard with colors. A plain but vividly colored tablecloth or runner is also a good option for a dose of color.

5. A Touch of Gold

Metallic decor on an Easter tablescape can instantly elevate the entire look, and gold-toned accessories gel rather well with a pastel palette. Rose gold or gold-toned cutlery, napkin holders, decorative eggs, candle votives and tiny fairy lights gently strewn across the table can up your tablescape game in no time. Not only they look gorgeous, but they also add the much-needed glam factor to the feast.

6. The Perfect Tablecloth

Believe it or not, your wow factor can actually be the tablecloth! For a pastel-themed Easter tablescape, a vintage-inspired tablecloth with a simplistic pattern is a great choice. Think of ever-green polka dots and gingham that are never out of style. Alternatively, bright floral prints, rustic green-colored runners and embroidered quilts are also quite popular.

7. The Backdrop

While creating an enviable Easter tablescape, be sure to pay some attention to the backdrop. After all, it is a part of the design. Wreaths of clustered eggs and twigs, pastel pinwheels, sheer tulle, and floral walls are some options to consider.

8. The Delightful Feast

The most important aspect of any tablescape is definitely the food and how it is presented. From hot cross buns and sweet glazed carrots to boiled eggs and roast lambs, don’t hold back on the artistic flair, and set the table with full enthusiasm.

While you should never miss an opportunity to decorate the table, Easter is a wonderful occasion to charm your guests. Need inspiration for Easter home decor? Check out our article on 10-must have items to swing into spring.