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Home Ideas

Home Ideas

Luxury Gift Ideas for Board Game Lovers

Game nights are one of the best ways to bond with family and friends. So it is always a good idea to have some exciting board games at home for those spontaneous late-night gatherings. However, while board games bring in a lot of entertainment and fun, it’s also essential not to compromise on the house’s layout.

With these luxury board games, you can have all the fun you want while staying in style and elevating the look of your interiors.

1. BACCARAT Poker Card Game

Poker games are always a big hit and make for endless entertainment and fun. The colorful and vibrant Poker Card Game by Baccarat is a luxury board game with wonderfully cheery patterns and masterful craftsmanship with a timeless contemporary look to spice up your game nights. Embrace the old-school charm of the game in a classy modern look to get the best of both worlds.

BACCARAT Poker Card Game
Poker Card Game


2. AERIN Enzo Travel Card Set

Make dull journeys exciting and playful with the chic Enzo Travel Card Set by Aerin. This luxury board game comes in an understated beige color with ample storage capacity and an elegant Italian croc-embossed leather look that makes it an engaging game and a keepsake item to carry along while traveling.

AERIN Enzo Travel Card Set
Enzo Travel Card Set


3. L’OBJET Deco Dominoes Set

Revamp your house without compromising on playful times with family and friends with the indulgent and super classy Deco Dominoes Set by L’Objet. This luxury board game boasts elegance and charm with its mahogany body and fine brass details in a chic gold sheen.

L’OBJET Deco Dominoes Set
Deco Dominoes Set


4. AERIN Enzo Travel Domino Set

Don’t forget to pack the beautiful Enzo Travel Domino Set in your travel essentials for long journeys. The luxury board game oozes extravagance and lavishness with its indulgent design in a classy Italian croc-embossed leather that will compel you to show it off.

AERIN Enzo Travel Domino Set
Enzo Travel Domino Set


5. ALEXANDRA VON FURSTENBERG Rockwell Backgammon Set – Black & White

Bringing you one of the best luxury board games, Alexandra Von Furstenberg features the Rockwell Backgammon Set in an evergreen black and white color tone. The sleek acrylic body is meticulously handcrafted with intricate detailing that makes it a truly exquisite piece of art.

ALEXANDRA VON FURSTENBERG Rockwell Backgammon Set in Black and White
Rockwell Backgammon Set – Black & White


6. AERIN Shagreen Mancala Set

If you are looking for the perfect way to spend a couple’s night in, get the marvelous Shagreen Mancala Set and have an impeccable time with your beau. Beauty meets sophistication in designing this luxury board game with seamless brass hardware and an extravagant embossed shagreen that adds a classy touch to game nights.

AERIN Shagreen Mancala Set
Shagreen Mancala Set


7. AERIN Shagreen Checkers Set

Flaunting spectacular brass detailing with gleaming borders and shagreen pieces, this classy Shagreen Checkers Set makes for a true luxury board game not just for playing but also for home decor and interiors. The sophisticated design looks perfect atop study tables and mantelpieces.

AERIN Shagreen Checkers Set
Shagreen Checkers Set


8. AERIN Shagreen Poker Set

Just as fun, colorful, and tempting as a box of chocolates, this Shagreen Poker Set by Aerin has all the right elements for the perfect family game night. This handsome package holds 300 piece poker sets and imparts a chic look to tables and shelves, making it a great luxury board game to have in the house.

AERIN Shagreen Poker Set
Shagreen Poker Set


9. AERIN Classic Shagreen Game Box

Unlock a night of fun and laughter with the ultimate luxury board game by Aerin. This classic Shagreen Game Box comes in an indulgent cream shade that blends in with the layout while flaunting a flawless wood veneer design and meticulous fashioning with walnut, rosewood, and Mappa burl.

AERIN Classic Shagreen Game Box
Classic Shagreen Game Box