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Home Ideas

Home Ideas

Spring Home Decor: 6 Home Decor Items That Will Spruce Up Your Home This Spring

Spring is here, and with a seasonal refresh such as a playful touch of color on your walls, or displaying lavish pieces of art and incorporating some of this season’s top spring home decor trends to your living space. These changes can make a world of a difference for waking up a tired space. Think home decor with luxurious accents, vivid colors, and nature-inspired motifs.

If you can’t figure what to incorporate, check out our spring home decor edit that will revive your home after a chilly season of snowfall.

1. Aerin Modern Shagreen Jewelry Box

Pastels and spring go hand in hand. If you want to upgrade your bedroom with some trendy spring home decor with a little dose of easy colors, consider placing one of Aerin’s functional yet decorative jewelry boxes on your vanity. These jewelry boxes feature textured shagreen with gold-toned brass detailing and suede lining. It even has a perfectly-sized compartment to fit your precious jewels and precious keepsakes.

Aerin Modern Shagreen Jewelry Box
Modern Shagreen Jewelry Box


2. Aerin Classic Shagreen Frame

Adorn those undraped spaces with beautiful memories and wide smiles with Aerin’s classic frames. Each photo frame is detailed with embossed shagreen, suede lining, and gold-colored brass details. Perfect for displaying a piece of art or your favorite pictures. Available in three different sizes each photo frame offers a pretty flair to your spring home decor.

Aerin Classic Shagreen Frame
Classic Shagreen Frame


3. Moser Pebbles Double Old-Fashioned Glass

Rejuvenate your kitchen for spring with these pebbled vintage-inspired drinking glasses by Moser Glass. Whether entertaining guests or simply enjoying your favorite drink, these crystal glasses are the perfect match for your other spring home decor. Inspired by natural stone and ice and crafted with fine quality crystal featuring pebbled engravings. The Pebbles Double Old-Fashioned Glass by Moser Glass is available in a wide range of colors including blue, purple, clear white, yellow, green, ocean green, black, red, and orange. Perfect spring colors to liven up your table setting.

Moser Pebbles Old Fashioned Glass in Purple
Pebbles Double Old-Fashioned Glass


4. Moser Bonbon Canister

Imagine nuts and fruits, and a glimmering mesh pattern on your kitchen counter against a backdrop of grass and trees. The Moser Bonbon Canister is a much-needed addition on your list of spring home decor that will spruce up your living space. The luxurious cannister boasts a diamond-cut pattern made from mouth-blown crystals and colored lids. The lids are available in three colors; blue, orange and smoke. Furthermore, the crystals are free of lead and chemicals which means you can safely store your food without worry.

Moser Bonbon Canister with Lid
Bonbon Canister