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Home Ideas

The Best Wine and Cheese Pairings To Try This Summer

Wine and cheese pairings are a tricky business, but when summer rolls around, there is no avoiding them for the temptation is too high. Relax against a backdrop of verdant scenery, quaint gardens, grass-blanketed hills, and a tranquil lake, and enjoy the piquant collection of artisan cheese paired with a crisp glass of wine and a wonderful company. A warm night brings yet another array of pairings that you will not be able to resist.

This season, use our guide to design a perfect summertime spread of wine and cheese pairings:

1. The Spanish Wine and Cheese

Spain brings you the best of the both worlds – the zesty and crumbly Manchego cheese that works wonderfully with the famous Spanish wine, Cava. The sparkly drink is fruity and light that goes well with the buttery texture and sharp taste of Manchego. Manchego and Cava are one of the best wine and cheese pairings for sun-kissed picnics in scenic parks.

Manchego Cheese

2. Sauvignon Blanc and Goat Cheese

This is a classic wine and cheese pairing that never goes wrong. Goat Cheese, particularly chevre, has a strong tangy flavor with creamy and nutty properties. Sauvignon Blanc is a traditional favorite that accentuates the taste of cheese instead of overpowering it. Together, they balance out each other effortlessly.

Goat Cheese

3. Blue Cheese and Riesling

Blue cheese is pungent and sharp, and perhaps, not everyone’s cup of tea. However, when it is paired with the right wine, it can put a much-needed spark to a late summer afternoon. Riesling with its aromatic nature and fruity crisp perfectly cuts the intense flavor of blue cheese and together, they make the best wine and cheese pairing.

Blue Cheese

4. Rosé and Gouda

Sparkling rosé is the ultimate summertime wine and it pairs beautifully with soft, creamy cheese. For summer outings, combine a glass of rosé full of crispy and fruity undertones with a mild and almost caramel-like Gouda cheese. Let the flavors burst in your mouth as you gaze at the glorious sunset.

Gouda Cheese

5. Burrata and Chenin Blanc

Take your love for mozzarella to the next level by pairing Burrata with lean and dry Chenin Blanc. Burrata’s outer shell is made from solid mozzarella and is filled with fresh cream and shredded Stracciatella. The rich and flavorsome cheesy delight combines quite well with the floral and light-bodied white wine. It is a perfect wine and cheese pairing for garden parties and lakeside picnics during summers.

Burrata Cheese

6. Camembert and Soave

Hailing from the Veneto region of Italy, Soave is a dry white wine that goes quite nicely with soft and creamy, Camembert. Add a handful of fresh fruits in the platter and you have an ideal wine and cheese pairing for an outdoor brunch or a warm summer night get-together. Camembert is rather runny and makes a perfect dip for strawberries. Take a sip of peachy and zesty Soave and soak up the long days of summer.

Camembert Cheese

7. Brie and Chardonnay

When summer tide strikes, grab a bottle of Chardonnay and some French Brie, and head out to your favorite picnic spot. The pairing of Brie and Chardonnay is simply divine. The white wine is scented with green apples and is bursting with buttery and fruity notes. It complements the creamy and strong flavor of Brie.

Brie Cheese

Wine and cheese pairings are to be relished throughout the year but there is something about pleasant summery days that makes the combination of wine and cheese even more delightful.

Do you want to take your wine and cheese game to the next level? Enhance the experience by displaying the cheese on some of the best cheese boards from our curated collection.

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