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Home Ideas

Home Ideas

The Making of Crystal Glass: Moser Glass’ Satisfyingly Mesmerizing Handcrafting Technique

It all began more than 160 years ago when Czech engraver Ludwig Moser breathed life into Moser Glass when he discovered crystal glass and completely transformed the world of luxury glassware.

Since then, Moser Glass has carefully preserved the traditions of the old masters by merging timeless tradition with innovative modernity. Discover how master craftsmen combine traditional glassmaking techniques with modern innovation.

1. The beginning of masterful handicraft starts with a render of what will then turn into the beautiful gold artwork on the crystal glass.

Jan Janecky carefully rendering the pattern for the crystal glass vase


2. The molten crystal glass is then worked at the furnace at 13000 degrees Celcius with hand-carved wooden molds.

Master glassmaker from moser glass moulding crystal glass vase


3. At Moser Glass, only lead-free crystal is used. This luxurious material is renowned for its shine and durability.

Master glassmaker from Moser Glassworks polishing crystal glass


4. From carving the wooden molds, cutting, to polishing and painting. The handcrafting process of each piece can take several months of patient work.

Jan Janecky from Moser Glassworks carefully painting on the historical Menuet pattern on crystal vase


5. Every delicate detail is carefully hand drawn onto the crystal glass.

Jan Janecky drawing on delicate gold details on the crystal glass vase


6. The intricate details are secret artistic skills that have been traditionally passed down from generation to generation.

The finished results a crystal glass vase created by master glassmakers, engravers and painters


7. Since the beginning, Moser Glass is built on passion and skill. The delicate and precise details on the recreation of the Menuet vase is a clear indication of the high standard of quality of the brand. 

Close up details of the Menuet crystal glass vase from Moser Glassworks


8. The finished result- A beautiful crystal glass vase that will stand the test of time.

Details of the Menuet crystal glass vase from Moser Glassworks

We captured mesmerizing highlights of Moser’s glass making process from start to finish:


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