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Home Ideas

Home Ideas

The Making of Annieglass Glassware: Explore the Process of Handcrafted Sustainable Glassware Made in California

The handcrafting process of Annieglass fuses science and art with ecological responsibility. Collections such as the Elements collection is made entirely from recycled glass scrap in a revolutionary way by combining traditional glassmaking techniques with modern technology.

Endlessly inspired by nature, founder Annie Morhauser became dedicated to environmental responsibility long before going green became a trend. Eco-sourcing, recycling, reusing and zero-waste have been standards for this humble studio since opening in 1983.

Annieglass studio in California

At Annieglass Sustainability measures are taken throughout the handcrafted, glassmaking process. The warehouse uses an abundant amount of skylights and low wattage energy-efficient lighting, and a special reflective roof keeps the space well insulated. The glass-cleaning machine circulates and reuses water and glass is cleaned with non-toxic vinegar. Creative klin-firing times ensure energy efficiency during the making of glass. Eco-friendly, biodegradable packing materials made of sorghum and potato starch deliver the final luxury product to customers.

1. Each piece is individually set by hand into kilns where at high temperatures the glass drapes over handmade ceramic molds.

The trademarked Annieglass slumping technique


2. Each unique piece from Annieglass is produced by a talented team of artisans and master craftspeople along the National Marine Sanctuary of the Monterey Bay in Northern California.

Master craftsman carefully cutting glass in Annieglass studio


3. Sustainably made in California Anniglass proudly fuses science and art with ecological responsibility.

Master craftsman sanding down Annieglass Edgey collection plate


4. The 24k gold and genuine platinum reveal our artisans’ individual brush strokes.

Talented artisan painting on gold rim on Annieglass Roman Antique plate


5. The glass “slumps” into their mold’s individual patterns, making each piece a unique work of art.

Slumping method unique to annieglass


6. Using technological improvements to the traditional glassmaking method expanded the range of design possibilities.

Annieglass famously combines technology with traditional glassmaking method


7. Glassmaking with waterjet cutting provides the artists at Annieglass the precision and creative freedom they did not have with just traditional glassmaking.

Glassmaking with waterjet cutting at Annieglass studio


8. Each piece is carefully hand engraved with a studio signature, ensuring its authenticity and individuality.

At Annieglass each piece is hand engraved to guarantee authenticity and individuality

Watch how the talented team of artisans and master craftspeople at Annieglass combine traditional glassmaking techniques with modern technology to create uniquely beautiful glassware that is also environmentally sustainable: 


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