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Home Ideas

Home Ideas

5 Home Decor Accessories That Will Make Home Shopping for Your New Home a Breeze

We can all agree that revamping the house is a fulfilling experience. When you adorn the bare walls and corners of your safe haven with eye-catching decor pieces that you carefully selected, your home has a wholesome and complete feel about it. You can’t help but feel satisfied. However, home shopping can often be a stressful event. Crowded streets, balmy weather and dealing with sellers can pull you down and dampen the spirits. The hustle and bustle of markets combined scorching heat can make you tired and irritable.

But there is a way! You can easily select beautiful pieces right from the comfort of your own home. What’s more, they will be delivered at your doorstep within a matter of few days. This is what we have got for you. Have a look!

1. LSA International Light Colour Votive Holder

Tealight holders and candles improve the entire look of the room in an instant. The warm glow of a candle encased in a deluxe tealight holder create a perfect and elegant backdrop for any spot. When you are home shopping to remodel your home, light color votive holders by LSA International should be on the top of your list. The votive holders are handcrafted with high-quality glass. They are available in a variety of striking colors such as aquamarine, pink, purple, green, blue, white, yellow and many more. To wash the holder, soak in soapy water and rinse.

LSA International Light Color Votive Holder
LSA International
Light Color Votive Holder


2. LSA International City Dome & Walnut Base

When you are home shopping, don’t miss a chance to jazz up your dining table with a stylish centerpiece. City Dome & Walnut Base by LSA International is exactly what you need. Believe us when we say that your tablescape will be the talk of the party you throw. Place artisan cheese, sweet nibbles, and cakes in utmost style in this centerpiece. It is made from mouthblown glass cloche with an oiled walnut base.

LSA International City Dome and Walnut Base
LSA International
City Dome & Walnut Base


3. Alexandra Von Furstenberg Candy Bowl in Blue

You never knew that you wanted a candy bowl so badly until you stumbled upon the candy bowl by Alexandra Von Furstenberg. Panted in a bright blueberry blue color, the bowl is made from thick acrylic. It comes in two sizes; petite and large. Set it up on your kitchen island, on the counter, coffee table or the dining table – the options are endless. When you are home shopping to glam up your place, you will need a brightly-colored piece.

Alexandra Von Furstenberg Candy Bowl Blue
Alexandra Von Furstenberg
Candy Bowl in Blue


4. Alexandra Von Furstenberg Treasure Boxes in Orange

During home shopping, don’t forget to purchase some organizers and storage boxes. If you are clueless, treasure boxes by Alexandra Von Furstenberg will solve the problem. Available in three different sizes, the bright orange treasure boxes will make an impressive choice for any room. There are several ways to utilize the boxes. You can place tiny trinkets, jewelry, keys, sunglasses, small valuables, or even fragrant roses freshly gathered from the garden. You can’t go wrong with them! The boxes are made with thick and polished acrylic.

Alexandra Von Furstenberg Treasure Boxes in Orange
Alexandra Von Furstenberg
Treasure Boxes in Orange